New small-scale DAB in Norway will use Rapid

Three broadcasters in Norway have chosen All In Media’s Rapid to manage content for their small scale DAB project.

It is part of a deal with Norwegian DAB specialist, Paneda who will be suppling multiplexers and audio encoders.

(Linköping, Sweden, 2016-10-03) Radio Tromsø, Radio Bardufoss and Radio Bodø in Norway has selected Paneda and its professional small scale DAB concept for their DAB rollout. The order includes a complete system with multiplexers and audio encoders as well as the content management system RAPID from All In Media. Transmitters from the Italian manufacturer SYES are also included in the project.

The system is realized in one single server platform, hosting 3 independent multiplexer systems with its audio encoders and content management system. With the unique handling of virtual service providers in the system, each broadcaster will have access to its own web based user interface, and can handle and manage the system independently from each other.

The transmitter network will contain 6 transmitters in the region with 8 DAB+ channels in total.

Jan Johnsen, CEO of Radio Tromsø, Radio Bardufoss and Radio Bodø and Technical Manager says: “The decision to use the Paneda system was easy to take, after a period of evaluation of other systems it was clear that the Paneda system exactly match what we were looking for, a system with the most modern architecture which fulfil all the requirements and easy to operate and maintain. At the same time the system is modular, and we have options to expand the system with additional multiplexers, without any hardware investments. Since we are “newbies” in DAB, it has also been very satisfying to note that Paneda has understood our needs, and that we together could find a solution that was suitable for us. We are now looking forward to start a new era in digital radio broadcasting providing good content to our listeners”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Manager at Paneda says: “The concept professional small scale DAB really shows that our philosophy of providing DAB head-end system to also smaller radio groups is the way forward for digital radio, our system suites everyone, from smaller radios to public broadcasters, the very same system is built to meet the different needs and is the most cost efficient system”

Source: Paneda press release

Posted on 5th October 2016 in News

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