Canada becomes the first non-European Radioplayer territory

It has been announced that the Radioplayer mobile and tablet apps, which are built by All In Media, will now be licensed to Radioplayer Canada.

With the apps available in six European countries already, Canada marks the first territory outside of Europe to licence the Radioplayer platform.

In the coming months 14 broadcast companies will launch with Radioplayer Canada, with at least 300 stations featured in the apps.

Below is the full press release from Radioplayer Canada.

TORONTO, ON (Sept. 28, 2016) Canadians, this announcement will be music to your ears! A free app is on the way that will give listeners from coast-to-coast access to nearly every style of music, news, talk, and entertainment content from close to 500 stations on any connected device, at any time of day, from anywhere.

Radioplayer, a UK based digital radio streaming service, has joined forces with Canada’s leading radio broadcasters to bring Canadians free, easily accessible digital radio on any connected device. Launching later this year, Radioplayer will allow Canadians immediate access to their favourite English and French entertainment, news, sports and talk radio stations powered by 15 Canadian radio broadcasters. Launch date to be announced in the coming weeks.

“I am extremely pleased that the majority of Canadian radio broadcasters have come together to bring this innovative offering to its listeners,” said Ian Lurie, Chief Operating Officer, Newcap Radio and Chair of the CEO Radio Council. “Radioplayer occupies a unique position in Europe, and its expansion into Canada represents a milestone for the platform in North America.”

“The way Canadians listen to radio is changing, and we’re changing with them,” said Julie Adam, Senior Vice President, Rogers Radio. “Radioplayer gives our listeners access to their favourite local stations and allows them to discover others across the country like never before. With access on mobile devices and desktop, turning the dial to your favourite stations has never been easier.”

Listeners will be able to access live and past radio broadcasts across the country through Radioplayer’s browser-player, and on connected devices through the iOS or Android app, including integrations with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Chromecast, and smartwatches. As the top-rated radio app in Europe, Radioplayer features the world’s best search and recommendation engine for radio, powered by the Radioplayer metadata platform.

“This is a very proud moment for Radioplayer and it will further strengthen the international ties between radio broadcasters,” said Michael Hill, Founder and Managing Director, Radioplayer UK. “Radio is in great shape, but we know we face challenges and opportunities in cars, smartphones, and among younger audiences. Joining the ever-growing Radioplayer family is a great way for broadcasters and countries to address these together.”

Radioplayer Worldwide is a partnership between UK Radioplayer, 7digital (a B2B digital music and radio services company), All In Media (who build the Radioplayer apps), and the countries which have rolled out Radioplayer. Radioplayer provides the trusted simplicity of radio with all the benefits of digital. Users can move between stations, set favourites, listen to on-demand content, find location based programming, see what is trending, and more.

Radioplayer in Canada brings together the stations of Central Ontario Broadcasting, Clear Sky Radio, Cogeco, Corus, Durham Radio, Golden West, Harvard Broadcasting, Larche Communications, Newcap Radio, Pattison, Rogers, Rawlco Radio, RNC Media, Saskatoon Media Group, and Vista Radio. For additional business opportunities, please visit

The press release is also available in French from the Radioplayer Canada website.

Posted on 3rd October 2016 in News

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