AIM Part of Xperi’s Demo of Latest Broadcast Technologies at NAB Show 2019

Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER) is proud to present its latest broadcast technology solutions from DTS® and HD Radio® at NAB Show, April 8 – 11, 2019 in Las Vegas. Located at North Hall N3012, the Xperi booth will demo DTS Connected Radio and HD Radio for automotive, home and broadcast, and smart device broadcasting technology from All in Media, among other solutions. In addition, Xperi will showcase DTS Connected Radio implementations with partners Karma Automotive and Panasonic. Company executives will be available for interviews with media and analysts by appointment.

“We are thrilled to share the strides we’ve made in automotive, home and broadcast radio solutions,” said Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi. “As adoption of DTS and HD Radio sound solutions continues to grow, we remain focused on delivering an extraordinary entertainment experience for consumers across a wide range of listening devices.”

Solutions that will be demonstrated at NAB Show include:

DTS Connected Radio – DTS Connected Radio delivers an innovative analog and digital (DAB and HD Radio) broadcast radio experience by pairing over-the-air services with IP-delivered content. DTS Connected Radio aggregates metadata, such as artist and song information, on-air radio program information, station contact information and more, directly from broadcasters around the world to deliver a single API with a cohesive visual experience in the vehicle. New for 2019 are features that expand the functionality of DTS Connected Radio, such as event discoverability, on-demand content, voice control services and greater customization options.

Demonstrations at NAB Show will include:

  • LIVE over-the-air Las Vegas Connected Radio content
  • LIVE metadata across 16 markets operating through Connected Radio in real-time
  • DTS Connected Radio experiences in different markets around the world and in vehicles
  • Amazon Alexa smart speakers showcasing advanced voice control capabilities through DTS Connected Radio

HD Radio – HD Radio technology delivers the highest quality digital broadcast of local AM/FM stations. Forty automotive brands are currently shipping vehicles in North America equipped with HD Radio technology and more than 60 million HD Radio receivers are on the road. More than 4,400 digital channels from over 2,400 broadcast stations are available in North America and include additional features unique to digital broadcasting, such as traffic and emergency alerts, program info and Artist Experience®. HD Radio feature demonstrations at NAB Show will include:

  • New automotive receiver demos from Mercedes, Toyota, FCA and Hyundai
  • Home AV receivers from VQ, Sangean, Sparc, and Outlaw
  • Broadcast monitors from DEVA, Inovonics, and DaySequerra that automate the critical time and level alignment functions

All in Media (AIM) – AIM is a leading supplier in radio station applications for broadcasters around the world across mobile devices, smart speakers and smart TVs. AIM apps allow broadcasters the ability to ensure their content can be discoverable by listeners on various devices. Demonstrations at NAB Show will include:

  • AIM Template apps on Android and iOS devices
  • Smart device app integration with Alexa, Amazon Fire Stick and Google Cast, among others

Arctic Palm – Arctic Palm is a leading supplier of broadcast software and metadata distribution platforms in North America. On display at NAB Show will be:

  • CenterStage Live and CS Lite: Software that provides broadcasters with the tools to create, schedule and send information to multiple systems and devices, as well as the ability to schedule messages in the radio data system (RDS) datacast.

In addition, DTS Connected Radio will be shown in the NAB Show In-Vehicle Experience area in North Hall, via a technology collaboration with Karma Automotive, and a demo integration with Panasonic.

  • DTS Connected Radio will be integrated into the Karma Revero, showcasing what the technology could look like in the vehicle
  • The first demonstration of Connected Radio and HD Radio working on an Android based platform, with integrations from Panasonic, Qualcomm, Google and Xperi

For more information about Xperi and its subsidiaries, please visit

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