Fun Kids launch content rich smartphone app with All In Media

National children’s radio station Fun Kids is launching a new free multi-media smartphone app.

The app, which lets listeners tune to the radio station, also includes an extensive range of features to keep kids and families entertained.

Fun Kids Station Manager Matt Deegan says: “Most radio station apps are just glorified play buttons, we were keen to do something different for Fun Kids. The station creates an amazing amount of audio, video and web content, I’ve been keen to work out how we can get that to kids in the app”.

The app, built by All In Media, features include:

  • A live stream of the radio station and the ability to look at recent tracks and the station’s schedule
  • Over 1,100 pieces of audio from the station’s 55 podcast channels which users can stream or download to listen to later.
  • Videos from the station’s five video channels covering music and interviews, video games, sport and material from the station’s young presenting team
  • Kids can get in touch with the station’s shows as well as being able to send an audio message to be played on air
  • A full range of written content covering news, sport, entertainment and games interactive quizzes for kids to play
  • Access to articles, audio and video from the station’s learning features.

Chris Gould, CEO of AIM says “It’s been great to work with the Fun Kids team on this app. The challenge was set to include a huge variety of the station’s content and we’re excited we’ve managed to include it all. Delivering a great experience for listeners is at the heart of what we do, we’re looking forward to having lots of new little users.”

The app is available for free for iOS and Android from

Posted on 7th July 2016 in News

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