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If you’ve followed Radioplayer over the past couple of years, you’ll know that we build things to make radio listening easier. We also spend some of our time doing ‘R&D for Radio’, which means looking into the future, to make sure that radio fits well into some of the new technology that’s appearing.

2014 has seen the growth of a new category of device known as the ‘smartwatch’. These wearable devices link to your phone, and show you important info like emails and text messages. But they can also control audio that’s playing, and run mini-apps of their own, making them potentially useful companions for radio apps.

You can currently find smartwatches from Samsung, Motorola, and LG in the shops. They all use the ‘Android Wear’ system, linking with Android phones, and they’re tipped to be a hot Christmas gift. Apple’s version, the ‘Apple Watch’, will launch in early 2015, which will galvanise this market further.

So we worked with our app partners, All In Media, to build a prototype radio interface for smartwatches. We kept it simple, and made sure it worked with the various watch shapes (round, round-ish, rectangular, square). This seemed to work well, so we’ve taken it one stage further, and rolled it into the Radioplayer Android app, in time for Christmas.

You can see it working in the video demo below, and if you’re lucky enough to have found some Android Wear under the tree, you should install the Radioplayer app and give it a whirl on your watch. Here’s our press release if you’re interested in more information.

Posted on 19th December 2014 in News

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