Passion for the Planet appoints All In Media as its DAB Text provider

DAB Text, also known as DLS, is the scrolling text that runs along the screen on all DAB radios. It’s one of the innovations that makes DAB popular with listeners, as it enables them to see information about the music and features currently being played on air.

As Passion for the Planet doesn’t have any potentially annoying DJ’s interrupting the flow, the DAB Text is an important way to communicate track information. Many of the tracks played on Passion are from World Music artists that are relatively unknown in the UK, so track information, with the correct spelling of the artist and song title is particularly useful to Passion’s listeners and helps them find the track when they wish to purchase it.

In addition Passion’s DAB Text provides details of the experts being interviewed on the station. So when you want more information you can look at your radio and when you just want to enjoy the music and the inspiring interviews and features – you can do so, with no interruptions.

All In Media is a leading provider of DAB broadcast software to radio stations in the UK and Australia. Its Managing Director is Chris Gould.

“We developed a tailor-made solution for Passion for the Planet that interacts with their playout system and music library” said Chris. “Whilst every radio station is different in their requirements, our unique RAPID DLS management system has been designed to be flexible enough to cope with these demands. I am pleased to have been able to work with Kenny and the team at Passion to get this hugely valuable new service on air, quickly and with the minimal amount of disruption.”

The new DAB Text is already proving popular with listeners who frequently email the station asking about World Music tracks they’ve enjoyed.

“The integration and upgrade went very smoothly. The whole process took just a few hours and it has been set up so that it requires minimum maintenance – which is always a good thing!”

said Kenny Stevens, Passion for the Planet’s Programme Director.

“This is an important part of the service that Passion offers. It enables us to build on the station’s personality of offering a smooth sculpted sound, without interruptions.”

Posted on 7th April 2008 in News

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