AIM adds support for Intellitext

All In Media have added support for Intellitext to AIM Rapid, their DAB digital radio text management software. AIM Rapid is the first commercial broadcast product to fully support this innovative new DAB feature.

Intellitext, a newly standardised part of the DAB digital radio specification, is a simple but effective mechanism for delivering enhanced text functions to digital radios. Intellitext-enabled radios don’t just display the scrolling text sent by digital radio stations, they store it in a structured way which enables users to find information on their radios – news headlines, traffic information, sports results – when it’s convenient for them.

The software update has been supplied to All In Media’s UK and Australian broadcast customers free of charge. Chris Gould, Managing Director, All In Media said:

“Intellitext provides access to a range of additional on-demand content for DAB listeners, in a really simple-to-use way. I am pleased to have been able to work with PURE to enable our broadcaster partners to support this innovative new feature of DAB Digital Radio.”

Colin Crawford, Director of Marketing at PURE, the leading supplier of Intellitext enabled radios, said:

“We are delighted that All in Media have taken this step to make it even easier for broadcasters to support Intellitext, which is already available on nine PURE radios with more to come.”

Posted on 18th March 2008 in News

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