Paneda and Teleko conduct DAB cloud trials using Rapid

Paneda has launched a complete DAB Head-End system using a Cloud based setup in a datacentre (currently Google). The Audio sources are transferred from the Czech Republic over the Internet, and Paneda delivers a “ready to transmit” signal back to Czech Republic, also over the Internet.

Using the new unique PCC, “Paneda Cloud Connector”, the connection between the transmitter network and the Cloud system is secured and has advanced and unique error protection for maximum availability. The PCC provides EDI as output interface, and in addition DAB-RF output for reference and convenient monitoring.

The system contains 15 DAB+ services and is now on-air. For content management, the trial is using the Rapid system from the company All In Media to provide live updates of DLS texts and Slideshow pictures. Learn about Rapid and All In Media:

The main purpose of the trial is to demonstrate a simple, flexible and convenient way to get started with DAB with decreased starting costs, by using a cloud based DAB solution, where Paneda can provide its customer a fully-featured system managed by Paneda experts.

Paneda use its latest DAB Multiplexing technology optimized for a virtual setup, including full control of the data streams over Internet as well as supporting clustering virtual servers with replication, enables a number of redundancy options, also with separated locations.

“For the first time in history, a complete DAB system is on air using non dedicated hardware, a huge leap into the future for DAB making running a DAB multiplexer less complicated and cost efficient. We are delighted to demonstrate our system in a commercial and real setup”, says sales manager Lars-Peder Lundgren at Paneda Tech AB Sweden.

“Paneda has proven that their technology is built for the industry, and by providing a cloud service solution as a cloud service it is now much easier and with less associated cost to launch DAB services”, says Tomas Rapek, CEO of Teleko.

Posted on 15th February 2016 in News

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