AIM technology powers Irish DAB trial

All In Media (‘AIM’) is a technology development company that provides innovative interactive solutions and consultancy services to radio stations around the world.

The business is less than 18 months old but has already scored successes in a number of markets, racking up clients including BBC Audio & Music, Global Radio, and Austero. With bases in the UK and Australia, AIM is proving that you don’t need to be a big global corporation to penetrate multiple markets. Billed as ‘The Great Little Technology Company’ AIM has just announced its entry into Ireland through deals with the country’s leading public service and commercial digital radio players.

AIM has finalised deals with both state broadcaster RTÉ and Dublin-based commercial operator, Digital Radio Ltd to supply data services to radio stations during Ireland’s DAB digital radio trials.

AIM’s technology helps broadcasters to exploit the data opportunities of digital radio through services that add real value to the audience experience. And with the industry putting digital radio under the microscope, Managing Director Chris Gould thinks there is no better time to be championing its benefits:

“Our services really add value to radio, from providing visual displays about the music that’s playing, the presenter that’s on air or on-demand audio content; all delivered over a free-to-air digital platform. We are really proud to have been appointed by RTÉ to bring these applications to the Irish DAB trials, it’s great to be helping radio stations launch DAB in a new market with real impact”.

Head of Radio at RTÉ, JP Coakley, said,

“All-in-Media’s products demonstrate the potential of DAB and are operating at a crucial and interesting time for the future development of radio”

AIM is focused on building radio’s digital future. Audio content is only part of the answer; the digital functionality and multimedia capabilities of DAB, open up new ways of engaging with audiences. The company’s services are not restricted to DAB; the products are platform-agnostic and also designed for online and other platforms.

What sets AIM apart from its competitors is that technical solutions are not offered in isolation; instead the company advocates a joined-up approach that is focused on commercial and market benefits for clients. Chris and his team evaluate a client’s technical requirements and identify relevant business opportunities before developing a multi-platform data strategy.

Whatever the market uncertainties, digital radio is here to stay and AIM’s pioneering work is proof that this is an exciting and opportune time for the medium.

Posted on 22nd July 2008 in News

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