Radioplayer to launch in Peru

Peru is the latest country to sign up to the Radioplayer technology, following on from Canada earlier this month.

GrupoRPP will be initially starting with 20 stations on the platform and will be taking the Radioplayer app built by us at All In Media.

To date, a total of eight territories have signed up to Radioplayer; UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Belgium and Canada.

Press Release

Radioplayer Worldwide (RPW), a consortium created to represent Radioplayer internationally, has signed a licensing agreement in South America, Peru, to roll out the technology there.

The deal, with GrupoRPP, will introduce the Radioplayer platform to Peru, with 20 radio stations including Studio92, Radio Oxigeno, Radio Carazon and RPP News initially signed up. Peru Radioplayer will launch in the first three months of 2017, with a view to rolling out the technology more widely across commercial and state radio in Peru, once established.

As part of the deal, the Radioplayer Peru app will also be made available around the world, to help the huge number of Peruvian expatriates listen to their favourite stations from back home.

The deal represents the latest expansion of Radioplayer Worldwide, which recently signed its first licencing deal outside Europe, with the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. There are already licensing agreements in place in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Norway, and Belgium. Radioplayer Worldwide is a partnership between UK Radioplayer, 7digital (a B2B digital music and radio services company), All In Media (who build the Radioplayer apps), and the countries which have rolled out Radioplayer.

The Radioplayer model was first developed by the BBC and commercial radio in the UK. Unlike other radio aggregation platforms, each Radioplayer system is specific to the country in which it is launched, and operated by the stations it serves. There are shared technical standards for the browser Radioplayers, the radio-discovery apps, and the back-end systems which power them – but broadcasters retain control over their own branding, streaming, and commercial deals.

Hector Guerra García General Manager of GrupoRPP said: “For GrupoRPP this partnership represents a step forward for radio broadcasting. New times require us to develop another dimension to radio, with streaming offering a great opportunity to distribute radio content to a wider audience. The smartphone is the new radio, allowing us to explore new models of consumption – radio is no longer linear in terms of time – you can now consume what, when and where you want.

“Peru is a country in constant development, with significant growth in the continent and GrupoRPP wants to be the engine of the radio revolution, inviting the rest of the radio sector in Peru to join this initiative to ensure the future health of the radio. Radioplayer is our great ally in this strategy.”

Michael Hill from Radioplayer said: “We’re very proud that Peru has chosen Radioplayer. They have decided to start with a relatively small set of stations and build from there. Our platform is technically flexible enough to accommodate that, and our licensing model can adjust too. Following our recent announcement about Canada, this demonstrates real momentum for Radioplayer Worldwide.”

Source: Radioplayer Worldwide

Posted on 14th October 2016 in News

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