Apple Watch Integration for Radioplayer

Radioplayer, the listening platform for UK radio, is one of the first UK radio apps to be approved for the new Apple Watch. Offering hundreds of stations at a tap of the wrist, the new Apple Watch Radioplayer app keeps radio right at the forefront of digital innovation.

Listeners using the Apple Watch can easily see what’s playing on Radioplayer. Four simple icons give users access to their Favourites, Recommended, Recent and Local stations, with just a tap needed to switch.

The Apple Watch integration builds on Radioplayer’s place as the first UK radio app available on Apple CarPlay, and their work to integrate with Android Wear.

Radioplayer’s Managing Director, Michael Hill said: “Radioplayer’s proud to be a digital pathfinder for the radio sector, and we’ll share what we’re learning with others building radio apps for Apple Watch. Collaborating on technology makes our thriving industry even stronger.”

Radioplayer partnered with All In Media to develop the Apple Watch interface. The Radioplayer app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store – with versions available for Android devices and Amazon Fire.

As you’ll see, the app’s very simple to use, and you can start Radioplayer directly from your watch (unlike some other apps we’ve seen).

Posted on 28th April 2015 in News

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