AIM supports the Radio Festival TechCon Event!

Manchester, Monday 12 November: All in Media, the leading developer of broadcast systems and mobile apps, believes that user-led technology will maintain radio as a key media in the 21st Century.

The company, which is the main sponsor of this year’s Radio Festival TechCon event being held today at The Lowry, Salford Quays, says that the social media revolution and advances in smart phones and digital technology is providing a fresh impetus to the industry.

The TechCon day at the Radio Festival is aimed at engineers and programmers, bringing together the best and brightest to share their thoughts and ideas on the latest innovations.

All in Media CEO, Chris Gould said

We are very happy to be sponsoring TechCon, as we see ourselves as leading developers of systems and apps that are helping to redefine radio on screens and in the mobile app world.

It is vital that the radio industry stays at the forefront of technological developments that improve the media experience for listeners and advertisers. TechCon brings together some of the leading players in the marketplace who understand the role radio can play in a technology-led society.

Our broadcast system products enable the delivery of visuals across all platforms, saving programmers time and optimising the use of visual content for stations, whilst we design radio apps to ensure that listeners get a visual app which is easy to use, all in the spirit of the Techcon event!

Dave Walters, Chairman of the TechCon organising committee said

#techcon12 has been focusing on the visual impact of radio broadcasting, and whether wireless with pictures will catch on. Today‚Äôs sessions show that it already has! Many thanks to AIM for sponsoring today’s important and hugely successful event.

Chris Gould adds

Visualisation is becoming an increasingly important part of the radio experience for broadcasters and from the point of view of advertisers and the car industry where screens are already standard. Broadcasters need to ensure the technology they have available can maximise their visual presence to meet listeners increasing expectations.

Posted on 12th November 2012 in News

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