Australian Radio showcases multimedia-enabled DAB mobile phones

All in Media and The Technology Partnership (TTP) have collaborated with Australian radio broadcasters to develop the world’s first mobile ‘Visual DAB/DAB+’ service. Visual DAB enables mobile phone users listening to the radio via DAB enabled handsets to view, navigate and store visual content, such as images, slides and podcasts which are broadcast in association with the radio stations. Commercially, Visual DAB opens up revenue opportunities for network operators including advertising such as special offers and coupons, as well as a range of value-added content services requiring user interaction for example competitions, music charts, shopping, voting and user generated content.

This collaboration is the first to develop interactive end-to-end DAB applications to demonstrate the possibilities for the mobile market in Australia. The Visual DAB service is a response to evolving consumer listening habits and will help position radio to compete in a wireless, multimedia digital age.

The Visual DAB mobile application has been developed by Cambridge-based TTP, with broadcast software developed by All In Media Limited. Digital Radio Broadcasting Australia, a consortium of commercial and public radio broadcasters, has taken delivery of a number of Visual DAB-enabled mobile phones, and will be showcasing the new features at the Australian Radio Conference in Melbourne in October followed by trials.

Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia commented,

“Australian radio broadcasters are committed to getting digital radio and its exciting multimedia features into mobile phones. By working with All In Media and TTP we’ll now be able to showcase and trial what DAB can offer ahead of the official launch of our DAB+ digital radio services in 2009.”

Chris Gould, Managing Director of All In Media, said,

“With the increase in listening to radio via mobile phones, DAB is a natural feature to offer in handsets. The Visual DAB application demonstrates that DAB is not just an audio-only platform but can also offer exciting new multimedia features to radio listeners.”

Martin Orrell, General Manager, Mobile TV at TTP commented,

“TTP is at the forefront of innovation in this fast growing market, working with DRBA and All in Media will make possible the roll out of interactive visual radio services. We believe that the launch of visual and download services using broadcast will be an important catalyst for mobile growth worldwide. TTP expects its proven expertise and enabling hardware and software technology to be at the heart of many more services as the mobile broadcast interactive media market takes off around the world.”

Posted on 10th September 2007 in News

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