AudioNET takes AIM

AudioNET has contracted radio software specialist All In Media (AIM) to build the first software tools to deliver commercials for Australia’s digital radio stations.

Digital radio is broadcasting, radio sets are selling and listeners are listening, but no-one can advertise without a Piñata

said AudioNET Managing Director Dave Cox.

The specifications from Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) are very clear on what’s required to meet the standards for dispatching commercials in the digital radio era – and we intend to be the first. AIM’s expertise is building software for radio stations and our expertise is radio dispatch.
Our Piñata tools are being tailored specifically to integrate with AudioNET, so our clients can easily package up all the elements for a digital radio commercial and dispatch them securely.
At the other end, it will be just as easy for radio stations to unpack the audio and other elements, ready for broadcast.

AIM Technical Director Jason Malaure said AudioNET was the first Australian dispatch company to recognise the benefits of embracing the new digital radio dispatch standards and tools. Malaure added,

These tools protect audio quality and creative integrity. Clients don’t need extra passwords, new work practices or a PHD to use them.

All the hard work is being done behind the scenes by the software, and we aim to make it as user-friendly as possible.
AIM provides software for digital radio in Europe, Canada and Asia as well as Australia, and we’re very impressed with the way CRA has solved the problem of managing different combinations of audio, text and images for digital radio campaigns.

Posted on 5th March 2010 in News

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