All in Media powers visual radio trials in Ireland

All in Media (AIM) announced today its participation in the commercial digital radio trial currently taking place in Ireland. This DAB+ trial, which is already on air in Dublin and is due to launch in other cities in Ireland later this summer, showcases digital audio and visual radio services including Slideshow and DLS.
Dusty Rhodes, MD of dB Digital Broadcasting, said

Digital offers many benefits to the Irish radio listener. We have launched this trial to demonstrate to the regulator, broadcasters and consumers in Ireland the future of radio. Alongside commercial audio services we are also testing visual services and have been impressed with the ease of implementing these new services with AIM, the first commercial visual service on-air in Ireland!

Chris Gould, CEO, All In Media

The trial in Ireland is a good platform on which to demonstrate the visual radio applications that AIM Rapid can support over DAB+ to the wider industry. The visuals are similar to commercial services we currently have on-air in Australia and elsewhere. They demonstrate to broadcasters how content created for other platforms can easily be made into visuals for DAB+ digital radio.

AIM is providing the backend broadcast system for this trial using Rapid. Rapid enables broadcasters to automatically gather content from a variety of sources including their play-out and EPG systems, RSS, online data and more. Rapid publishes this content across digital radio, FM, online and mobile platforms.

For more information on the digital radio trial in Ireland go to

Posted on 10th July 2012 in News

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