All in Media and Folder Media Announce Free UK RadioPlayer service

All in Media and Folder Media announce a suite of tools to enable radio stations to take a full role in the development of the forthcoming cross-industry UK RadioPlayer – and for free.

RadioPlayer is a UK-wide initiative that will provide a common pop-up online audio player for commercial, BBC and community radio stations.

The tools announced today, will enable stations to provide live now playing information, programme schedule details as well associated metadata to ensure that their stations can compete with larger radio groups on an even basis.

The offer is open to any stations that can be included in the Radio Player.

Folder Media’s Matt Deegan says

AIM and Folder’s tools already allow our clients to keep DAB, Digital TV, Online and Mobile systems up to date, it made sense to widen this to cover the new Radio Player.”

Aim and Folder are both advocates of the RadioPlayer and already work on a variety of other projects together.

Matt continues;

The RadioPlayer allows all UK stations to compete on a level playing field for the first time, we’re making a suite of tools available so that smaller stations can compete with the big boys and provide a compelling service that helps them win more audience or make more money.

Chris adds;

Many stations have been talking to us about finding a cost-effective way to get involved in RadioPlayer – we thought ‘free’ was a pretty good place to start. With the RadioPlayer launching soon, we’re keen to hear from any station – BBC, commercial or community that wants to take part.

The web-based tools easily allow stations to keep an online schedule up-to-date as well as hook up the now playing information from their playout systems.

Through using the system the stations also have the opportunity to add on-demand and listen-again functionality as well as making money in their player windows from music purchasing and advertising.

Posted on 19th October 2010 in News

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