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The Radiodays Europe app for iOS and Android approvides you with all you need to know about the conference.

The app is produced and powered by All In Media, the world leader in smartphone apps for radio stations and visual radio broadcast systems, a part of the Xperi family.

By using the Radiodays Europe app, you agree to the Radiodays Europe Privacy Policy.


You can create your own plan of sessions you’d like to attend using the ‘Add To Planner’ button on any session. These sessions will then be added to the Planner section of the app.

Within the Planner, you can easily see the sessions you’ve added, see the full details of the each and remove individual sessions.


You can message other conference attendees through the in-app messaging system.

To use the system you are required to have registered for RDE with your own email address. Users are sent their unique 6 character PIN to that email address.

Can’t find your PIN?

You can use the app to resend your PIN. Just go to “Messages > Re-send PIN” and enter the email address you used to register with RDE. This will be the email address your e-ticket was sent to.


If you don’t believe you have received the PIN, check your spam/junk folder or search for the email address

Only those who have accepted to receive marketing emails from RDE will receive a PIN before the event. Requests for existing users with PINs will be ignored, as you can resend your PIN via the app.

Registration for the Message system is now closed.


When you add your first session to the Planner, you will be asked if you want to add this and future sessions to the Calendar on your device.

The functionality varies slightly depending on your platform.


You can choose for the app to prompt you to add a session to your Calendar app of choice each time you add a session to your Planner.

You can choose the app you wish to use, if you have multiple Calendar apps installed, and also which calendar within that app.

If you remove a session from your Planner, the item within your Calendar will not be remove. It will need removing manually.


If you choose to, then we will create a new calendar within the Calendar app after you give us permission. The ‘Radiodays’ calendar will have all the sessions on there.

When you remove a session from the planner, we will also remove it from the Calendar.

Turn on/off the feature

If you wish to turn the feature on or off, you can find the option to in the More » Settings page within the Radiodays app.


If you would like some help with the app, please visit App Support and one of our team will be able to help you out.

All In Media are also in the exhibition, alongside Xperi.

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