Announcing Radioplayer with Ford SYNC Mobile App

Today, at the Go Digital Conference hosted in the BBC’s Broadcasting House, UK Radioplayer have announced their partnership with Ford

All In Media has already built Radioplayer for tablet and mobile which have become top-rated apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Ford SYNC technology has been built into these apps, allowing drivers to browse hundreds of stations using voice commands.

Michael Hill, UK Radioplayer Managing Director, said: “Radioplayer’s excited to be chosen by Ford as their launch partner for SYNC AppLink. People love listening to the radio in their car and our new partnership makes it easier than ever.”

SYNC AppLink lets you control smartphone apps while driving, using voice commands and dashboard controls and debuts on the all-new Ford EcoSport (SUV) next year, ahead of being rolled out across the Ford range by Autumn 2014.

Key features of Ford SYNC AppLink with Radioplayer’s app include:

  • After pairing a phone, say ‘Radioplayer’, and you can browse the best of UK radio,using just voice commands and the controls on your steering wheel
  • In ‘Recommended’ mode, the Radioplayer app chooses stations you might like, based on where you are, what’s trending, and what you’ve listened to before
  • Say ‘Favourites’, and you can quickly find stations you’ve set as pre-sets
  • In ‘Recents’ mode, you can go back through stations you’ve listened to recently
  • Say ‘Now Playing’, and the app reads you programme and track information

In a video recorded at Ford’s HQ in Essex, Michael Hill demonstrates the app’s capabilities in an EcoSport.

Posted on 16th December 2013 in News

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