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AIM Player

Digital platforms tailor-made for your audio brands.

Bring radio, podcasts and video content from across your brands to your users’ devices, with our premium audio platform, with apps for iOS, Android, Car, Smart Speakers and Connected TVs.

AIM Player includes a series of components which can be arranged and customised, to construct a premium audio product. This allows audio brands to save the time and resources usually required to launch a digital product and compete in the busy audio market.


Key Features

Regular updates, including improvements and new features

Live radio support using AIM’s renowned streaming engine, including broadcast and digital-only stations

Full audio on-demand support, including podcasts and catch-up

Video playback including widescreen and horizontal videos

API-driven layout – keep the app fresh without submitting app updates

User registration and login using email and popular identity providers, with various gating options

Make it yours – we can develop custom components for your needs, or use our pre-built options

Content-focused design, giving you the flexibility needed to let your content shine

User-driven personalisation: let listeners make the app their own

Algorithmic suggestions to power discovery and prolong engagement

Data reporting via 3rd party CDPs and analytics tools, helping you understand your listeners better

Monetisation possibilities via display and instream ads, or in-app subscriptions

Engagement through tools like push notifications, competitions and curation

CarPlay and Android Auto support as standard, letting listeners connect on the move

Chromecast and AirPlay support included


Check out our launch partner, Nation Radio with the Nation Player app available here:

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