AIM creates next-generation advertising tools for radio

All In Media (AIM) has announced it will build a Software Developers’ Kit and an associated suite of software tools to help Australian radio networks and advertisers meet the new standards for DAB+ digital radio commercials.

There are two parts to the new standards: standards for the audio, text and image content of the commercials themselves, and  standards  for dispatching ads to radio networks.

 Commercial Radio Australia has just released the specifications for the new “Piñata” software tools that dispatch companies and radio networks will have to use, to comply with the standards.

AIM Technical Director Jason Malaure said,

Piñata is a world-first concept to ensure that each DAB+ ad has the correct audio, text and image, and that all those elements meet their respective standards. Piñata also allows creative agencies to review each element before it’s packaged for dispatch – and allows each radio station to review and separate the elements for broadcast.

That’s where AIM comes in.  It’s important that each network and dispatch company’s Piñata is compliant with CRA’s standard. AIM is developing a Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) along with Carting and Production Tools that each radio network and dispatch company can use, as the ‘recipe’ if you like, to build their own Piñata, compliant with CRA standards.

Digital radio also creates challenges for the radio networks, because different text and images may be required for the same audio tracks, in different cities.   Additionally, as the audio is broadcast from a separate playback system from the text and images, it’s imperative that the right elements are loaded in the right order.

Posted on 23rd December 2009 in News

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